Minimal Bedroom Restyle

How we gave our bedroom a little design refresh in collaboration with Lights and Lamps.
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AD - I completed this project partly in conjunction with Lights and Lamps as part of a brand collaboration.

As an Interior Stylist I am always advising clients that it’s important to live in your home before sometimes making drastic design decisions. Whether this be a bold vibrant wall colour, hard to maintain floor or spending a fortune on a giant piece of furniture that just doesn’t quite fit into the room. I always ask my clients; How does the space feel? How do you live in it as a family? How has your style evolved with your home? The best piece of advice I could give, would be to get the bones of the room in a way that they are correct and consistent with your aesthetic but can be altered with some clever styling. Rugs, vases, artwork and lighting can totally transform a space without having to reach for the DIY tools.


We ‘finished’ our bedroom in July 2019 and over the last two years have wanted to make small subtle changes that felt a bit more refined and in keeping with our interior style. The bedroom updates have been a slow and considered process. Carefully curating pieces I love; old and new, timeless and modern. The personal brief to myself was for the bedroom to take on a slightly more grown up and minimal feel.

IMG_4275 2.JPG

To achieve this, the accessories have been edited back to the essentials to help the space feel less cluttered and more calming. An oversized black metal wall arch mirror hung facing the bay window helps bounce all that beautiful evening light around the room. The space is pulled together using a thick textured wool weave rug in natural tones. I’ve removed the wall art from above the bed and I opted for this pair of striking Imperial Wall lights by Lights and Lamps.


The lights are made up of a simple and soft round imperial glass shape fitted to a striking brass wall mount.  They add a grown up and sophisticated element to the space. They work great as feature lights or as a more understated ceiling light. The thing I love the most about these lights would have to be the smooth structured shade. It’s perfect matt glass finish creates the most perfect bedtime reading glow.  They are confident without showing off. And the best part of wall lights? You no longer need to have a table lamp taking up extra space on a bedside table, meaning extra space for that favourite evening lit candle or morning coffee in bed.

With some clever styling swaps and a few new additions, our bedroom has become so much more inviting and soothing in the process. A proper sanctuary to kick back and relax in.


The full Imperial collection consists of five variations of these beautiful lights. Each unique piece is impressive in its own entity. This timeless range can transform any room and make a proper statement out of any space.

Lights and Lamps have a simply stunning collection from ceiling to floor, table to wall. The collection is modern statement and bold. They are the go to for minimal contemporary affordable lighting. To view the whole collection head over to

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Other Items in the room are as follows - Affiliated links marked

Thanks for reading.

Em x

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