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I’m Emma, an interior designer based in Glasgow. I spend my days juggling a never-ending renovation and a growing family, with my styling work. I’m a big advocate of independent brands and designers, and have a deep-rooted love for scouring local second hand stores for budget-friendly furniture and accessories. 

Em X

Let’s go back to the start …

I feel like everyone’s story starts as a Saturday girl (or boy), am I right? At the age of thirteen, I started working in an independent lifestyle store. There, I instantly fell in love with all things interiors, and how everybody’s idea of “home” is different. My ever-changing personal style is a mashup of many different aesthetics, from Scandi simplicity to contemporary. I love bright and curated spaces that mix different materials, textures and eras to create a truly considered result.
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Home is where the reno is

The F + B Store

My dream is to launch a perfectly curated store of timeless pieces that enhance your home and life. No fast interiors or throwaway products here, but a considered approach to styling your personal space.
Like many of you, I have slowly started to become more mindful about where and what I buy. With that in mind, the store will also feature one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that I have collected and sourced.
At the end of each month, I will be releasing numbered collections over on the Form & Balance store Instagram, featuring limited pieces sourced from sustainable, design-led makers, as well as one-off vintage pieces.
If you like minimal, well-designed products that are made to last, then Form + Balance is for you. I made it to help you tell your story, and bring beauty (form) and functionality (balance) to your life. 
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